Quality Intercom Systems, supplied and installed in the Limpopo Suburbs.

The Mansafe Security offers professional installation on a full range of quality Intercom Systems in the greater Limpopo area, to suit your needs and budget.

From a basic audio intercom system, to larger programmable video multi-station intercom installations.

Intercom systems form an integral part of a secure dwelling, with a video intercom system you can see, or hear with an audio intercom system, who is at your door or gate from a position of safety and either grant or deny access without placing yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Just give us a call and we will asses your Intercom system requirements and suggest the best intercom solution for your needs.

Quality Access Control Systems, supplied and installed in the Limpopo Suburbs..

We also offer a full range of quality Access Control Systems to suit your needs. Access Control systems offer many advantages over the old fashioned lock n key. Keys can get lost, stolen or copied requiring a complete change of lock or locks to ensure continued security, locks can also be picked. Many buildings have multiple locks requiring a whole bunch of different keys be carried on your person.

Constant changes in staff or tenants within the building requires constant management of tracking who has and who no longer has keys to your premises resulting a compromised security system.

Access control systems are, to varying degrees, programmable allowing much greater control. Some systems make use of tags, like an electronic key, if these tags are lost or stolen they can simply be de-activated on the system rendering them useless. These electronic tags can be assigned to an individual for tracking purposes, tags can be allowed access to certain areas and denied access to others further improving security without use of multiple keys and different locks, unlike keys the tags cannot simply be copied.

Other systems make use of codes, the advantage of this over keys or tags is that persons need not carrying anything on their person that may be lost, stolen or “left at home”.

Different codes can be set for different access points with only the relevant individuals given these codes. Codes can be changed on a regular basis.

The disadvantage to the coded system, especially in a larger installation is the sharing of codes by tenants or employees with others, codes should be changed on a regular basis to maintain security, which can lead to some frustration with users struggling to remember codes.

The ultimate system offers what we call biometric readers using fingerprints, some use facial recognition, card readers and some make use of all three methods for greater security.

The individuals fingerprint or face are read into the system and digitally stored. The user is then granted access to whichever areas required.The user need not carry any special device or have to remember complicated codes.

Access to users can be granted as required, be it temporary or certain days, or hours and access denied outside these parameters.

Movement of personnel can be accurately tracked as it requires a definite identification of the actual person, unlike codes and tags that can be shared amongst users.

As personnel or tenants change individuals can be added and cancelled as required. Some fingerprint readers are capable of identifying an actual “live” fingerprint as opposed to a “simulated or copied” one.

Just give us a call and we will asses your requirements and suggest the best solution for your needs.

Below are some of the Intercom & Access Control systems available to suit your needs and budget.

A fairly simple audio only intercom system.

The simple intercom solution for those on a tight budget, get verbal identification from your potential visitor and grant access remotely. Perfect for homes, flats and smaller offices. See more Audio Intercom Systems

black and white video intercom system in Cape Town

A Video Intercom system offering black and white picture quality.

Obtain visual identification, in black and white, of visitors and grant access remotely. Ideal for homes and offices.

Colour Video intercom systems in Cape Town

A Video Intercom system offering full colour picture quality.

Improved colour visual identification of visitors, grant access remotely. Ideal for homes and offices. See more Colour Video Intercom Systems.

Wireless Intercom Systems in Cape Town

Wireless intercom systems.

Wireless intercom systems are perfect for existing homes and offices where wiring may prove difficult. See more about our Wireless Intercoms.

GSM Telephone Intercom Systems in Cape Town

Intercom/Access Control systems utilising users telephones.

Ideal for multi residence or office units, making use of tenants telephones for control and communication, disadvantage is that there will be running costs in terms of telehone calls. See more about our GSM Telephone Intercoms.

Coded Access Control Systems in Cape Town

Coded access control systems.

Provide your regular users with a code to grant access automatically, this relieves the need to have someone man the system.

Tag Access Control Systems in Cape Town

Tag operated access control systems.

Provide users and guests with an access tag, or card that can be programmed to grant access to certain areas at certain times and changed when necessary.

Biometric Access Control Systems in Cape Town

Access control systems that use Biometric information.

Biometric access control for enhanced security, no cards, tags or codes that can be lost, stolen of forgotten. Grant access to a real person based on unique identifiers.

Quality Intercom and Access Control Brands we can supply and install.

The Techno Group can supply and install from a range of quality locally supported Intercom Systems and Acess Control systems in the Cape Town areas.